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  • TVT-bio Floating Bioreactor System

    Expensive permanent structures. Out-of-commission treatment facilities. Discharging wastewater to natural lagoons and holding ponds. All these are sources of environmental issues and large capital outlay….until now.

    TVT-bio provides a process solution for industrial, municipal, and agricultural wastewater treatment problems. The TVT-bio patented process uses an extremely efficient bioremediation treatment strategy that is application-specific, cost-efficient, and tailored to a wide variety of effluent waste stream types.

    The TVT bioreactor is suited to industrial, agricultural and municipal applications in both equalization and activated sludge basins. The unique process reduces the need for additional aeration equipment and infrastructure additions. You can monitor, log and transmit a variety of treatment parameters to prove conformance to environmental regulations.

    The TVT-bio floating bioreactor can be ported into existing treatment facilities or natural lagoons and ponds without the need for expensive permanent infrastructure, to abate discharge violations or respond to emergency treatment needs.

    The TVT BioJet is a floating eductor venturi system that adds process capacity to existing treatment in lagoons, ponds tanks, outperforming less efficient equipment currently in place. Used in conjunction with the TVT Bioreactor it provides extremely efficient recirculation and increased DO with higher microbiological activity. The BioJet eliminates ‘dead areas’ in large or irregular lagoons as well as basins with no natural flow. It can reconstitute settled sludge into the flow stream and provides direct-stream introduction of fine-bubble diffusion.

    The TVT-bio Aerobic Bioreactor:

    • Provides rapid odor control
    • Saves electricity (up to 40%)
    • Reduces treatment time
    • Reduces sludge volume (30-50%)
    • Reduces chemical use
    • Increases facility capacity & load handing
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