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Micro-DCI Controllers and Auxiliary Equipment

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-DCI-53MC5000 53MC5000 Process Control Station EN 519 KB
S-DCI-53SL6000 53SL6000 Micro-Mite Controller EN 199 KB
S-DCI-EP1000 EP1000 E-Port Ethernet Gateway EN 769 KB
S-DCI-53IT5100 53IT5100 Indicator/Totalizer, Design B EN 135 KB
S-DCI-53ML5100 53ML5100 Manual Loader, Design B EN 132 KB
S-DCI-53SL5100 53SL5100 Single Loop Controller, Design B EN 199 KB

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MOD 30ML and MODCELL Controllers

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-MOD-MOD30ML 1800R MOD 30ML Multiloop Controller and modules EN ES 939 KB
S-MOD-MODCELL 2002N MODCELL Multiloop Processor and modules EN 178 KB
S-MOD-MODULES I/O and Communication Modules for MOD 30ML & MODCELL EN ES 178 KB
S-MOD-SOE MODCELL Sequence of Events Recorders   Discontinued, contact factory. EN 125 KB
S-MOD-EXT_IO ICS Extended Digital I/O  Discontinued, contact factory EN 200 KB
S-MOD-2050R 2050R MODCELL 2050 Single Loop Controller  Discontinued, contact factory EN 116 KB
S-MOD-1750N 1750N Output Holder  Discontinued, contact factory EN 150 KB
S-MOD-2021W ICN Communication Links  Discontinued, contact factory EN 112 KB

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STEAMPAK Boiler Controls

Part Number Publication Title Size
DrumPAK DrumPAK Boiler Drum Level Control Packages EN ES 383 KB
TrimPAK TrimPAK Pressure Control with O2 Trim EN ES 441 KB
MeterPAK MeterPAK Position Feedback Fuel-Air Ratio Control with O2 Trim and option for Full Metering EN ES 168 KB
PlantPAK PlantPAK Plant Master Controller EN ES 565 KB
BurnerPAK BurnerPAK Burner Management Systems (BMS) EN ES 850 KB

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WaterPAK Water & Wastewater Treatment Controls

Part Number Publication Title Size
AeroPAK AeroPAK Dissolved Oxygen Controller EN 635 KB
PumpPAK PumpPAK Pump Controller EN 448 KB

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RETROPAK Migration for Siemens 353, Bailey SLC, and ABB Taylor MOD 30

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-RETROPAK-353 353 RetroPak - Migrate Siemens 353 and Moore 352 EN 699 KB
S-RETROPAK-MOD30 MOD 30 RetroPak - Migrate Taylor MOD 30 to MOD 30ML EN 699 KB
S-RETROPAK-SLC SLC RetroPak - Migrate Bailey CLC or SLC to MOD 30ML EN 668 KB

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Configuration & Programming Software for Micro-DCI and MOD 30ML/MODCELL

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-DCI-53HC2600 53HC2600 LoopMaster Configuration Software for 53SL6000 EN 799 KB
S-DCI-53MT6000 53MT6000 Micro-Tools Configuration Software for 53MC5000 EN 347 KB
S-MOD-VIZAPP ViZapp Software for MOD 30ML and Modcell EN ES 207 KB
S-SERVICE-TOOLPAK Configuration Station pre-loaded with MicroMod Software EN 217 KB

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Communication Software for Micro-DCI and MOD 30ML/MODCELL

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-DCI-53SU6000 53SU6000 Micro-DCI Communication
Services and OPC Server
EN 745 KB
S-DCI-53MC5000-PLC PLC/Printer Interface for Micro-DCI 53MC5000 EN 660 KB
S-MOD-OPC Standard and Extended Modbus OPC Server for MOD 30ML, Modcell and other Modbus RTU-capable devices EN ES 82 KB

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HMI Software for Micro-DCI

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-DCI-PW6000 PW6000 Micro-PWC Workstation EN 638 KB

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MicroTorque Electric Actuator

Part Number Publication Title Size
S-ACTUATOR-MICROTORQUE.pdf MT400 MicroTorque Electric Actuator EN 925 KB

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